Pull-String Duo

Innovative Music for Guitar and Violin

Meeting at the crossroads of Jazz and chamber music, David Dvorin (guitar) and Matej Seda (violin) of Pull-String create intimate ensemble performances of original compositions. Truly un-classifiable, the group strives to synthesize seemingly disparate musical elements with such diverse influences as modern jazz, avant-garde chamber music, American and European folk music, and rustic blues.





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Combining the freewheeling groove and grit of mid-century blues and jazz with the intimacy and instrumental interplay of chamber music, Flounder performs original compositions and unique arrangements that emphasize rhythmic feel along with the adventurous exploration of harmony and texture. Joining music faculty and composer David Dvorin on guitar, Randy McKean on reeds, Cliff Childers on brass/harmonica, and Tim Bulkley on drums will be a few special guests, expanding the ensemble’s already wide-ranging sound palette.