FLOUNDER: Explorations into the musical universe of the blues and beyond…

Springing forth from the severed head of it’s musical progenitors, Flounder was formed with the mission of presenting original musical compositions and creative arrangements inspired by the Blues in all of its myriad forms. Utilizing the unusual instrumentation of harmonica, trombone, bass trumpet, bass clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, modular synthesizer, and drums, the quartet deftly combines the aesthetics of contemporary art music with the freewheeling groove and grit of mid-century electric blues and jazz. Simultaneously visceral and erudite, Flounder creates foot-stomping music for deep listening.

David Dvorin: guitar/modular synthesizer 

Randy McKean: saxophone/clarinets

Clifford Childers: harmonica/bass trumpet/trombone

Tim Bulkley: drums